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04 April 2014

40 days of giving back, day twenty-seven: blooming marvellous.

So I definitely flaked on this one. Today's task was to send someone flowers 'just because'. But here's the thing. I don't send people flowers. Not because I don't like flowers, because I very much do. They're pretty and they smell good and they often brighten people's days. I don't send them mostly because they're expensive and I'm cheap. That's really all there is to it.

So instead of sending someone flowers, I'm going to send someone a handwritten note instead. I'm a big fan of handwritten cards and letters, and they're a lot cheaper and last a lot longer than flowers [unless you save the dried flowers, in which case I concede the point]. But since I'm probably not going to send any flowers to anyone today, I'll stick with my go-to: the handwritten note.

It's worked well for me in the past, and it's still a way of giving to someone to make their day brighter. I call that a win-win.

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