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16 April 2014

40 days of giving back, day thirty-seven: be second.

Today's task was to call up someone and ask them to hang out, allowing them to decide the time and manner in which to spend time together. It introduces the notion of putting someone else's schedule ahead of your own and allowing them to call the shots. And while I agree that this is a great idea, often trying to work around my friends' schedules for drinks or dinners, I am taking it in a different direction today.

The last few nights I've been out for dinner with friends and have not spent a whole lot of time with my parents. While it normally wouldn't be that big of a deal, they are leaving on Saturday to visit my brother, so I won't be seeing them for almost 7 days. I am very excited about having the house to myself for a few days, but in focusing on that, I've not been spending quality time with them.

I try not to, but it is easy to take for granted how great - and understanding - my parents are. They're letting me stay at home while I work in a job that I enjoy but does not pay, and they support whatever harebrained ideas I come up with, but when it gets into the day-to-day of things, I sometimes lose sight of it.

So for tonight, and for the next few nights, they get to call the shots. What we eat for dinner, what we watch on television, how many rounds of cards we play. All those things we've not done the last few nights that I know they'll appreciate going into this next week.

And 10 bucks says my father requests Taco Bell for dinner. There's a reason he and I get along so well.

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