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18 April 2014

40 days of giving back, day thirty-nine: share your story.

I've been struggling for most of today with how to follow through on this task. Today's challenge was to share with everyone the story of how God has worked in my life. As I've mentioned previously, I'm not a particularly religious person, so it's difficult for me to do so. My parents are practicing Hindus, and although I will occasionally accompany them to the temple here in Memphis, they have never forced the religion on my brother or me, allowing us to decide for ourselves how prominent a role we want it to play in our lives. I freely admit that my brother is a much better Hindu than I am and will visit the temple often when he is home. My attendance is more sparse and often only coincides with family members' birthdays and my brother's exam dates; otherwise, you won'f find me there much. So as a result, I don't have any overwhelming stories of how religion has shaped or played a major role in my life.

Instead, I have lots of other stories that have shaped my life. Stories of people doing good around the world. Stories of organizations and schools working hard despite being forgotten by the world. Stories of those who have dedicated their lives to helping others. In many ways, that has become my religion, my spirituality. I'm much more touched when I hear stories of people helping people than I am when I hear stories of how religion has changed someone's life. I know sometimes those stories are linked, but I am always more interested in the humanity of it rather than the religion.

So I guess that's my story, that humanity is my religion. And that's just fine by me.

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