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16 April 2014

14 of 52: showering britney + brandon.

Britney and Brandon are getting married in August, so to celebrate this past weekend we had a shower in Little Rock. I had never previously hosted any kind of shower, so I roped Laura and Jillian into co-hosting and therefore splitting duties. And - if I do say so myself - I think it all turned out brilliantly.

Since the Foodbank is having their own shower for Britney next month, this one was mostly Clinton School people, which was really nice. There were about 25 of us, and we kept things pretty low-key and casual. We had mimosas and sweet tea, lots of snacks, and a few little crafts that will be given as gifts to the Bs.

But most of all, we had a lot of laughter. Somehow, to me, that's what makes successful shower: how much people laugh. So based on that, we had the best shower that's even been thrown.

And for your viewing pleasure, some photographic evidence of the day:

[my first successful pinterest creation. #winning]
[the spread]
[these were by far the biggest hit. mostly because they were delicious]
[jillian and maggie]
[russell, jake, cory, ashley, jimmy, jillian, john, laura, maggie]
[me and my moo]
[katie and jillian]
[he took craft time very seriously]
[katie, jillian, britney, brandon, laura, and me]
[love my boo, however shady he may be]
other highlights included: picked up a new pair of running shoes; TuesdayNightLadiesNight at Sakura; my first successful Pinterest creation [even though Laura found the idea on Pinterest]; scored a Rhodes Choose 901 t-shirt [with the student discount!]; got asked if I was a college student; ice cream for dinner two nights in a row; lunch at Big Orange with Milligan and Abby; class 7 mini reunion.

[my new kicks. so much pink happening]
[the joyce roll from sakura. yummy]
[my banner all tied up]
[a concrete from shakey's. it's what's for dinner]
Such a fun weekend with fun people. Looking forward to a longer visit to the Rock next month.

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