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04 April 2014

retail review: rock/creek outfitters.

Rock/Creek Outfitters is a bit of a Chattanooga institution. I discovered it during my days at Baylor, and it soon became my go-to for any outdoors needs that I had. When I was in college I continued to make any purchases I needed from their website, and I was always in awe of their efficiency, their reasonable prices, and their outstanding customer service.

A few years ago, when I was purchasing a new rucksack and wanted to see it in person to get a feel for it, I had to go to a local retailer here in Memphis. After that I've bought one or two other things from the same retailer, but I was never really happy with their choices or especially with the service in their store. I often found their selections lacking, and I was never overly pleased with the friendliness or approachability of their employees.

So earlier this winter, when I needed to purchase some new gloves for my mother and a new fleece for myself, I decided to return to my old standby and took a peek at Rock/Creek's website. I began with just the gloves and placed my order. While I was waiting for them to ship, I received a coupon in my email for 15% off my next purchase from them, which always goes a long way to ensuring my continued loyalty. I decided to hold on to that and use it for when I was ready to purchase my fleece.

A few days after I placed my order, however, I received an email apologizing for being unable to complete my order. It seems there was a discrepancy in the inventory, and the gloves were not available from the manufacturer in the size and colour I had chosen. The silver lining: in the email they said I could call and change the order, and they would give me free two-day shipping.

I gave the number a call, and within 7 minutes I had reordered the gloves in a different colour and size, added on my fleece, and gotten free two-day shipping on both. When I asked about using that 15% coupon I'd been sent, the very nice guy on the other end of the phone took off 15% off my order and told me to keep my coupon for my next purchase. I'd say that's pretty great customer service. And sure enough, both arrived the following week [they shipped from the manufacturer, not the store, so it took an extra day to process it through them. but I'm not complaining]. My mother loves her gloves, which means I got to reclaim my old pair from her, and I love my fleece, so we are both sitting pretty [and warm].

Rock/Creek, I'm sorry that I strayed for those few years, and I pledge here and now that you will have my undying loyalty and affection forever and for always.

[note: I meant to post this 2 months ago and just completely flaked. oops]

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