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25 April 2014

15 of 52: the return of the ipl.


For me, the 8 weeks that the Indian Premier League is on are 8 of my favourite weeks in the year. A 20-over match every day for 2 months? My favourite players from all over the world playing together? Lots of runs and fours and sixes and close matches and wickets? Sign me up.

Ever since the inaugural edition of the tournament in 2008, I have been hooked. Having a team in Bangalore was so much fun, and I loved attending matches at my favourite Chinnaswamy Stadium or gathering with friends to watch them at Guzzlers and cheer our guys on. We weren't very good the first season - finished second-to-last in the points table - but we've turned it around since then and have even made the finals twice.

And I try my best to watch it even when I'm not in India. When I was in grad school in Little Rock, I would get up at stupid o'clock in the morning to stream a Bangalore or Chennai match [my buddy Dhoni-boy plays for Chennai, and I generally like their team, but not as much as Bangalore], and sometimes I would have a match on in a separate window during class so I could check on the score in between taking notes [but shhh, don't tell my professors :)].

This year one of the channels on Dish Network is actually airing the matches, so I can watch them on tv rather than on my laptop. And because the first half of the tournament is in the UAE due to India's ongoing elections, the matches aren't as early as they would be when airing from India. My sleep will be affected once the tournament moves back to India in early May, but such is the life of a cricket fan.

The IPL is certainly a spectacle, with the cheerleaders [still weird to me] and the fireworks and the DJs, but it is definitely a fun one, and these next 7 weeks are going to be wonderfully entertaining.

other highlights included: registered for some upcoming 5Ks in Memphis; dinner at Bhan Thai for the first time in probably 8 years; Grizzlies made the playoffs; house to myself; Easter Sunday Funday at Dan's house.

The only downside to the IPL? It coincides with the beginning of baseball and the NBA playoffs. Means my productivity goes into the negative. But I'm ok with that.

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