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17 April 2014

40 days of giving back, day thirty-eight: wipe the slate.

I've been thinking about this one all day, and I honestly am stumped. The challenge was to "wipe the slate" clean, to forgive someone who has hurt me or done something to upset me in the past. And I really can't think of anyone.

Sure, I've been hurt. I've had my heart broken. I've been mad at people for the way they've acted in a situation. But I'm not one to hold much of a grudge. I'll say my piece and then move on, because it's a waste of time for me to dwell on it any longer than is necessary.

So all that is to say that I spent most of today trying to figure out who I needed to forgive when the answer was honestly nobody. Which just makes me really grateful to think about.

Only 2 more days of this little challenge remaining!

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