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28 March 2014

40 days of giving back, day nineteen: don't hold back the wonderful.

Another great one that fell on a difficult day. I know, I know, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. Being out of town nearly 2 weeks in a row made it a little difficult to keep up with all of these properly, but I'm trying my best.

So this challenge was to leave a note for someone just because. Someone I know who's struggling with something or in need of some words of encouragement, or even just a random note to brighten a stranger's day. Because I spend most of my days working from home, that one seems a little difficult, but I think I just thought of a great opportunity to follow through on this. I need to get my act together in order to take care of it quickly, and I need to go through my piles of notecards to find the best one, but I think a little happy will really brighten this someone's day.

Giving and sending notes is a favourite of mine, so any opportunity to do just that is one I'm always happy to take. In this day and age of emails and Facebook messages, I just love the feeling of a handwritten note, however short or long it may be, that shows someone you're thinking of them and care enough to take the time to show them that in a meaningful way. The art of correspondence will never die as long as I'm around!

So take 5 minutes today - or even an hour - and write a little note to someone who you know will really appreciate it.

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