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09 March 2014

9 of 52: father-daughter friday.

I've been talking about my mother on here a lot lately, but this week I got to spend some nice quality time with my father, too.

My father generally has Friday afternoons off, and although we're both usually in the house, we're often doing our own things. This week, however, we spent some nice time together as well.

To begin with, we headed to Curry Bowl for lunch. I had been abstaining from Indian food for the 6 or so weeks leading up to my race, so when I suggested on Thursday that he and I go to Curry Bowl for lunch on Friday, his eyes lit up; it made my day to see him so happy and excited. We had ourselves a nice lunch and stuffed ourselves silly.

When we were on our way to lunch, we started chatting about the Rhodes Women's Basketball team. There was a cover story in the Commercial Appeal that morning about Lauren Avant, star of this year's team and an all-around awesome Rhodes student, so I mentioned that I was attending the game that night, and I could tell by his response that he was intrigued, so I asked if he wanted to join me. He was a bit noncommittal, but by later in the afternoon he was all in.

We had a great time at the game, cheering the girls on to a pretty big win over Spalding University, and I got to introduce him to a few of my friends as well as Dr Wigginton, my former advisor, and Coach Hilgeman, the former Men's Basketball Coach from my Rhodes days. It was fun to share that experience with him and for him to meet some people who had significant impacts on my undergraduate experience.

And then when I got home on Saturday afternoon from a day spent in Helena, his first question to me was, "Are we going to the game?" in reference to Rhodes' second-round matchup that evening. So off we set for our second game in as many days. It was a heartbreaker, with Rhodes falling to UT-Tyler by 3 points, but it was another great father-daughter outing. I'm really grateful to have gotten those moments.

other highlights included: finally some snow in Memphis; jury duty got canceled; my bridesmaid's dress for Bee's wedding arrived; got to meet baby Lena and catch up with Walker; gearing up for TWS's pilot phase; Rhodes Women's Basketball NCAA tourney games; day trip to Helena, which included getting to catch up with Mrs Carolyn and a Dr Pepper from Burger Shack; booked my tickets for NYC; ordered some new earrings at Walshie's Silpada party [because what I really need in life is more earrings].

[oh, burger shack. you'll always have my heart]

[you can take the girl out of the delta, but you can't take the delta out of the girl]

[rhodes women in the ncaa tourney. pretty legit]
Between the snow, the basketball, and the trip to Helena, this was a pretty rockstar week. These next few have a lot to live up to.

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