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05 March 2014

40 days of giving back, day one: start a journal.

I mentioned earlier in the year that I wanted to volunteer more around Memphis and become more active in the community. I've not been able to volunteer regularly since I've started working on Wandering Samaritan stuff, but I still hope to help out as and when the opportunity arises.

In the meantime, I recently came across the 40 Acts Challenge that encourages people to use the period of Lent to give back to their communities and to show generosity toward others. I thought it was an interesting concept, so I signed up. I'm not one who observes Lent religiously, but there's no time like the present to commit to doing good.

Now, I know already that it's likely not something I'll keep track of on a day-to-day basis, but I also thought it would be worth it to try. Although the full details of each act is released on that particular day, I can already see the full list, so I have a vague idea of what's up ahead. And I may miss a day here or there, but I'll give it my best shot.

The task for Day One was to start a journal and make a list of all that you're thankful for. I began keeping an almost-daily journal a little over a month ago, but I always love making a list of everything I am lucky enough to be thankful for. It's a habit I picked up during my first Jamaica trip 14 years ago, and although I am not always consistent about it, it's stuck with me for a long time.

I wrote out some things I'm thankful for in my journal tonight, and rather than re-list them here, I'm sharing a picture of part of my list. As always, it ends with the four things I am most grateful for: food, water, shelter, and clothing.

[just a few of the many things I'm grateful for in this world]
On deck for tomorrow: creating a generosity jar.

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