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30 March 2014

40 days of giving back, day twenty-two: unplug.

Now this is a challenge I can really get behind: unplugging for a day. No computers, no smartphones [or phones of any sort, if I have my way], as little television as possible. A day to reconnect with humanity and not be stuck in front of a screen the whole day.

It didn't happen yesterday, unfortunately, but I've already got a day lined up for it -- this Tuesday. Work is going to be a little hectic today and tomorrow as we finish up some stuff before Jason leaves for south Asia, but as of now my only plan for Tuesday is to sleep in and read and hang out with my parents. I always love a day when I can avoid computers and phones, and practically being ordered to do so makes me pretty ecstatic.

So here's to a day of unplugging and spending time with people again.

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