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28 March 2014

40 days of giving back, day twenty: always talk to strangers.

Somehow we are already at the halfway mark of this challenge. It's flown by, and yet I also feel like I'm behind on these, simply from not being around. With the exception of tomorrow, I will be in town for the next two weeks, so hopefully I will be a little better at keeping up with these, and whoever [whomever?] is out there reading these won't be inundated with 3 updates a day as I scramble to catch up.

So Day Twenty. The challenge to talk to strangers. We all know I'm a talker, and I'm not very selective in who I'll talk to. I love having little conversations with people I pass in a store or on the street, and yesterday I managed to have quite an entertaining little chat with my cashier in Target about how awesome it is that they give a discount for bringing your own reusable bags. It's only 5 cents per bag, but it adds up. We discussed why Kroger stopped doing it and how they need to bring it back, and also how Target needs to up the ante to $1 per bag to really encourage people to start bringing their own bags. It was an enjoyable little conversation, and it's little things like that that can make a tedious process just a little more fun.

Obviously there are times when perhaps you shouldn't talk to strangers, and "stranger danger" can be a real thing, but most of the times it's harmless and can really make your day - and someone else's - just a little bit brighter.

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