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18 April 2014

my latest project: live-tweeting my 2014 re-watch of friday night lights.

Last fall I chronicled my love for the television show Friday Night Lights, so I won't rehash all of that today. Instead, I am going to let you in on a new little side project I'm going to be working on for the next few weeks.

I had been wanting for a few months to re-watch the show, but I was trying to put it off for as long as possible, knowing all too well how much it would likely consume my life once I fell into it again. And then, about a month ago, my brother messaged me that some random channel was showing it. I switched to the channel, and sure enough, it was showing the 2nd episode from Season 1. I watched what was left of it, and then episode 3 began. I had to go out for lunch, so I decided to record the remainder of the episode. In the process of doing so, it gave me the option to "Record New Episodes", so obviously I clicked on that. In the weeks since, I have discovered that the channel, Pivot, shows episodes each Friday night - makes sense, right? - so I have been watching an episode here and there and slowly falling back into it.

The other night, I was watching the gut-wrenching and heart-twisting Season 1 finale, and at the end of it, I really needed to share my emotions with someone. Anyone. Because it was about 11.30pm, I didn't want to message my brother or any friends, but I knew my message of "OMG the Panthers won State!" [sorry for the spoiler] needed to be shared. And then I thought of Twitter. And then I realized I was missing my calling in life: live-tweeting my 2014 re-watch of the gloriousness that is FNL.

The past few years Aziz Ansari has live-tweeted his version of the "Friday Night Lights Bowl" during the Super Bowl, and there are obviously lots of people who tweet about the show, but I've not seen anyone who's actually live-tweeted the entire series.

Challenge. Accepted.

So starting this weekend, I am going to start from the beginning - Season 1 Episode 1 - and make my way through the series, tweeting out the happenings and my reactions as I go. Feel free to follow along [@veen83] if you like the show or just want to see my ridiculous reactions or my overwhelming love for Tim Riggins. There will be a lot of spoilers, obviously, but if anyone has never seen it, you can follow along with me. All 5 seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

So here we go. #FNLrewatch2014 is about to commence.

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