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20 September 2011

words of wisdom.

Tonight, Ruby Bridges spoke at school.  She was the African-American girl who integrated New Orleans' school system as a first grader in 1960; she actually finished the year as the only pupil in her class because the white parents refused to send their children to school with her.  Her struggle was depicted in a famous Norman Rockwell painting that was showcased in LOOK Magazine in 1960.

Ruby had many incredible things to say tonight, but I think what might stick with me the longest was something she said toward the end of her speech: "Racism is a grown-up disease; we must stop spreading it to our children."  She then closed with, "We are all part of one race - the human race."

In all the years I have left to live, I don't think I would have found a better way to say it.
Woo pig.

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