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11 September 2011


I know.

I know I missed writing a post yesterday.

Will you give me a chance to explain?

This was my Saturday:
8am - woke up; showered; gathered all of my Razorback paraphernalia; packed up my car.
9.15am - out the door; FedEx to send Nilah's birthday parcel; Colonial to pick up some Jack for the day; out to Maggie's house to pick up the table for tailgating.
10.20am - picked up Dylan Perry; grabbed some Dr Pepper from the convenience store.
10.40am - met Britney, Sydney, and Papy at Rebecca's to distribute stuff and head over to our class' tailgating spot.
11.15am - after half an hour of trudging down Markham and through the golf course laden down with two coolers, 4 tote bags, and a table, we finally found our spot and settled in.
11.15am-7.30pm - ate, drank, and played bean bag toss and flip cup; wandered around the tailgates; spied on our neighbour's television to catch the scores of the other games.
7.30pm - packed up our stuff; tossed everything into Stan and Stephen's cars; trudged back to the car.
8.15pm-8.45pm - waited for food at Taco Bell [apparently they didn't plan for the crowd and only had 3 people working.  smart guys].
9pm - headed over to the AHA house to chill out.
12am - left the AHA house; dropped off Dylan Perry; came home, took off my jewelry, brushed my teeth, fell into bed.
12.30am - passed out.

So now do you think you can forgive me for missing my post?
I promise I will have another one today to make up for it, possibly with the pictures from yesterday.
Woo pig.

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