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18 September 2011

clear sign that I have lost my mind.

Since I apparently don't have enough other things to do in life, I decided it would be a good idea to register for the Little Rock Marathon's 10K run in March.

That's right, I said 10K.

Have I ever run 10 kilometers before?  Never in one go.  Am I out of my mind?  Absolutely.

I mostly did it because I need to start getting back into shape, and I knew spending the money for the registration fee was a surefire way to motivate me.  You know how cheap I am, and that's $35 that I am never getting back, so I might as well get the most out of it.

Also, the Marathon offers free training, including group runs once a week, so that I can see the other people who are also hell-bent on punishing themselves.

I was originally going to sign up for the 5K, but it's on Saturday by itself, whereas the 10K is on Sunday along with the half- and full-marathons, which I know a lot of other students are running, and I just figured that would be more fun.

The official training begins at the end of November, so in order to train for the training, I am beginning the Couch-to-5K program tomorrow morning.

So now, on top of all the other things going on in life, I will now be getting up at 6.30am three days a week to run.

Here goes nothing.
Woo pig.

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