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01 September 2011

coppy holzman: charitybuzz ceo.

On Tuesday, Coppy Holzman, CEO of charitybuzz, spoke at school about his online charity auction website.  He was a nice guy, with some really great stories, and I have a feeling he's going to have quite a few Clinton School-ers applying for internship positions with his company in the years to come.  For now, you can read my post about his appearance over on the Clinton School blog.

I'm going to be writing the posts for quite a few of the speakers [Maggie and I are going to try to hit up all of them between the two of us], so as they're posted over there, I will link them up over here so that you can all marvel in the magnificence that is my writing.

Hope everyone's week is coming along well!
Happy September, and Happy College Football!
Woo Pig.

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