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15 September 2011

cards and letters.

How many of you still hand-write cards and letters?

I for one love to send hand-written cards and letters to people.  I often stock up on cards that are blank inside whenever I find good ones and just keep them around for whenever I feel like sending someone some love.

I also love receiving hand-written notes <hint, hint>.  There is something so fun about getting a card or letter in the mail, reading what is written on the inside, and putting it away to discover later.  When I was cleaning out my room in my parents' house a few months ago, I found shoeboxes filled with cards and letters and postcards and notes from my days at Baylor, at Rhodes, and my first trip to Bangalore, and I had so much fun opening them up and re-reading them.  There's something so timeless about it, and it brought back so many random memories.

It was really difficult to keep up with written correspondence while I was in India, partly because I didn't trust the postal system, and partly because I was lazy.  I tried to write postcards whenever I traveled somewhere fun, buying and sending them in bulk, but for the most part my traveling was pretty intermittent, dependent on interns and friends' schedules and available funds, so that made postcards even more intermittent.  [I also tended to lose them.  when I was packing up all of my stuff in June, I came across about 7 blank postcards - I think from Gokarna - that I had purchased and misplaced and never got around to sending.  I had even written in a few.  apologies to those of you who I forgot to send those to]

Now that I am back in the States, I am looking forward to getting back into the habit of hand-writing correspondence to friends rather than relying on email.  I'd like to get something out once a week, but I know realistically that may not happen.  Oh well, here's to nothing!

Now to practice my penmanship.
Woo pig.

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