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25 September 2011

welcome, fall.

[please note: this was intended to be Saturday's post, but Saturday has run into Sunday...I'm still counting it for Saturday and will have another once I've slept and woken back up]

In case no one noticed, Friday was the official first day of fall.  The weather cooperated nicely and, although slightly warm, had a nice crisp feel in the air.  I celebrated by stopping by Old Navy and picking up a few bits and bobs, including a fleece and two jackets for the fall.  Yes, that's right, I said two jackets.  Normally I am not someone who is obsessed with clothes, but I have never really had a nice jacket for fall before; I've always just relied on fleeces and sweaters.  This year, however, I decided that it might be time to splurge for something a bit more grown up.  I was lucky enough to find two great jackets during the store's buy-one-get-one offer, meaning one of the jackets was 75% off.  That's a deal that just can't be beat.

Other than my new jackets, one of my other favourite things about fall is that I can begin to bust out my shawls.  I managed to pick up some nice ones before I left Bangalore, and I am looking forward to actually being able to use them.

Beyond my latest fashion statements, we have been having beautiful weather the last few days.  Cool mornings and evenings make Veena a very happy girl.  And even though the afternoons have been sunny, they've not been super hot.

Fall is my favourite season for many reasons - the leaves changing colour, the opportunity to break out some nice sweaters and shawls, the weather becoming nicer - but probably the things I love most are the crisp feel to the air and the rivalries in college football heating up.

Happy Fall!
Woo pig.

[also.  apparently I made a slight miscalculation.  yesterday was not the 100th blog post overall, it was the 100th post this year.  meaning the 100th post was, in fact, two days earlier.  oops.  please forgive me - I am a public servant, not a mathematician]

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