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06 September 2011

reading for pleasure.

I have always been a reader.  Before I could read for myself, my mother would read to me every night, and if she was tired and tried to skip pages, I would know, and I would make her start over from the beginning.  From the time I was about 7 or 8, I've always carried a book with me wherever I go and usually even keep one in my car for those unexpected traffic jams.  I love to spend about 20 or so minutes reading each night before I go to sleep; it's a great way to unwind and clear my head before turning in for the night.

The past 4 years have been great for getting a lot of pleasure reading accomplished - those hour-and-a-half commutes on city buses go by a lot faster with a book.  At one point earlier this year, when we didn't have any interns and I essentially hung out with myself all day, I was breezing through 4 or sometimes 5 books a month, which is fast even for me.

When I first moved back to the States in July, my reading slowed down considerably because I was trying to sort out moving and cleaning out my room and packing and shopping and school reading and catching up with people in Memphis.  I managed to finish a few books right before I moved to Little Rock, and after that I have been stopped cold.

Orientation Week was so busy I barely had time to think, and while the first 2 weeks of school have not been ridiculously busy, I've just been spending a lot of time figuring out my routine and finalizing my work schedule and stuff like that.

All of that means that I have had little to no time for pleasure reading.  I opened Little Bee [Chris Cleve] last night for the first time in nearly a month.  No, I have still not finished it.  It's not that I don't like it, and it is definitely a pretty fast read.  It's more that I haven't prioritized making time for pleasure reading recently, and that kind of upsets me.  I have so much reading for school that I sometimes forget to take that time for myself and read simply because I enjoy it.

So that is something I am going to make a priority from now on: 20 minutes of reading every night before bed.  And if I can do that, then hopefully I can get through at least a book a month.  Although that seems really slow to me, I know it's all I can commit to, and it's better than nothing.

And this way hopefully I can do a few more posts about my favourite books that I know you all love so much.
Woo pig.

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