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31 January 2012

10k tuesday: taking a bit of a philosophical turn.

Yesterday, I ran 3.8 miles. 3.8. That is far and away the longest I've ever run in one stretch in my entire life. And it was pretty painful. Partly because it's the longest I've ever run, but partly also because I hadn't run since my 3.5 miler last Monday. I realize now that that was probably not the best decision I've ever made, but I made it through. The other factor was the weather. While it's been pretty cool the last few weeks, yesterday it was a sunny 65 when I went for my run, and the heat zapped whatever extra energy I might have had. I know that while I need to keep extending my distance, it is equally important to do a shorter run in between to keep building my endurance. So before I hit 4.2 miles over the weekend, I need to do a 20-30 minute run Friday morning. This week should provide me at least two more opportunities to run, including the weekend, so that I hopefully won't feel so sluggish when the time comes for me to extend my distance a little bit more.

The philosophical angle comes from a guy I "met" while running yesterday. He was probably in his mid- to late-30s and had come to walk when I was just about to reach my halfway goal and was seriously wondering what the hell I was thinking trying to run 3.8 miles. As I passed him, he wished me a good afternoon and said he wished he could run but that his legs couldn't take the pressure. I greeted him and went past, continuing on my run, while he completed one lap at a leisurely stroll and then left the park. Now, I don't know how much he had walked before he came to the park, nor do I know how much he walked after he left, but I doubt it was very much.

So I spent the second half of my run philosophizing about how lucky I am that my body allows me to run. I'm not a great runner, my pace isn't fast, and god only knows what I look like out there, but at least I can do it. I know I can run at least 3.8 miles, and I'm only getting stronger with each run. I realized how much I take for granted my body's ability to do things and that I need to take more advantage of the physical things I can do.

I think all sorts of crazy thoughts to help me get through my runs, but this was a bit of a new turn for me. Let's see how long my newfound vigor lasts.

And fingers crossed that by the time of my update next week, I will have crossed the 4-mile mark.

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