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01 January 2012

out with the old, in with the new.

Happy 2012!

To celebrate the new year, I spent the evening of the 31st on my couch, watching bowl games and Hindi movies and a Big Bang Theory marathon. [sidenote: I got my wisdom teeth pulled on the 30th, so I wasn't up for doing too much]

I am not a big one for resolutions, as I tend to get distracted and forget about them. Additionally, what I find to be most pressing in January tends to not seem so important once May or June rolls around. So this year, I thought I would try something a bit different. Instead of resolutions to last the whole year through, at the beginning of each month I will come up with some sort of resolution or project for that month, and see if I can see it through. That way it will be something that is pertinent to my life for that month, and only doing it for a month ensures I might actually keep up with it.

There are a few overarching things that I have on my list, but they are ones that are always in the back of my mind: to travel to new places [Miami and Nepal are already confirmed; hopefully I can add Leh and/or Manali to the list over the summer]; to go to a Packers game [Super Bowl? I think yes]; to read more; to hand-write more cards and letters; to be better about keeping in touch with people; to be better about exercising; etc etc. But I never make resolutions about these things, because I know they will ebb and flow as the year passes by.

2011 was a great year, but I am always excited to see what a new year will bring. New adventures, new friends, new trials and new triumphs, and lots of new memories.

So here's to a fabulous year ahead. Cheers.
woo pig.

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