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16 January 2012

celebrating catherine.

To celebrate Catherine and Drew's upcoming wedding, we headed down to Miami for a girls' weekend. To recap:

[yummy daiquiri]
After a late lunch on the roadside, we got ourselves dolled up at headed to a salon called Blo. Apparently it's a big thing in Miami to get your hair blown out before hitting the town, so off we went to partake in champagne and chocolates and crazy hairstyles.

[catherine gettin' her hurr did]
Following our primping, we had cocktails and appetizers at Liz and Chris' apartment.

[yummy spread]
[the girls]
[me, catherine, walker, and liz o]
[brooke, julie, and liz j]
On Saturday we set out for a fantastic late brunch and a nice stroll on the beach.

We took a break in the afternoon before having a "classy" lingerie shower followed by a fantastic street-side dinner and a visit to the club "Love/Hate", where Sunday night is "Early Hip-Hop Night".

Once we decided we were probably not "old school" enough for the music, we ended the night at the Playwright Irish Pub, where we spent a few enjoyable hours regaling the non-Rhodents with tales of our collegiate escapades.

All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend.

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