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25 January 2012

veena's attempts at eating better.

Notice I didn't necessarily say healthy, because let's face it, I really like my chocolate and my ice cream every now and then. I have, however, been attempting to eat better than I had been in recent months. With the onset of the holidays and finals, my diet went for a toss, and I'm attempting to get it back on track.

I'm incorporating more fruit and veggies into my diet, carrying carrots to class with me rather than cookies. I'm trying to have salad a few days a week, and I'm also hoping to take advantage of evenings when I'm home relatively early to actually make something fresh as opposed to just heating up something out of a box. Obviously there will be days of Lean Cuisines and the like for dinner, but there was one point last semester where I was essentially living off of them, and that wasn't good. Additionally, I've mostly cut out bread and sandwiches, mostly because I think I had too many of them last semester and burned myself out.

One of the main reasons I didn't stick to a good diet last semester was that I rarely went to the grocery store. I really liked being able to go once and stock up for about 3 weeks, which was also why most of my food came from out of a box. I know that eating better will require more frequent trips to the grocery store, and that's just something I'm going to have to build into my schedule as time allows.

I'm not doing this because I necessarily want to lose a whole lot of weight; I'm doing it because I realized how out of hand my diet got towards December and Christmas last year, and I want to get out of that habit of snacking on junk food at odd hours of the day and night.

In addition, I have cut out alcohol and soda from my diet. I wanted to do that leading up to my 10k in March anyway, so it seemed like perfect timing. I don't tend to drink a ton of soda, but - again - because of finals, I was drinking entirely too much Dr Pepper. That's been a fine transition, since my body isn't used to too much of either anyway.

The main thing I've noticed so far is that I get hungry more often, but that is partly due to the fact that my runs have been getting longer recently, and I sometimes forget that I need to increase my calories on those days. I've also gotten back into the habit of having a banana a day and drinking a glass of milk in the night [my mother would be so proud]. And while I get hungry more often, my appetite is also less when I do eat. Which means that instead of having 3 big meals a day, I tend to have something like 5 small ones throughout the day, which [I've heard] is healthier for you anyway.

So far I don't have any amazing insight into how this has changed my life, but it's only been about a week. Give me some time, and I'll keep you posted.

Also, I'm on the lookout for some good, easy grilled and baked chicken recipes. Things that aren't too work-intensive. If you know of anything, send it my way!

Happy eating.

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