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30 April 2012

random rambles.

a quick update for today:

1. wedding weekend extravaganza was awesome. and exhausting. pictures will be posted along with highlights once I get my wits about me once again. was so great to see so many fabulous people all in one place.

2. in 10 days, I will be finished with my first year of grad school. it's both too close and yet so far away.

3. in a month and two days, I will be on a plane back to Bangalore. still too far away but slowly inching closer. peanut and third-born, here I come!

4. I'm beginning the process of sending out Capstone emails. thanks to the awesome Dr Singhal, I might have one opportunity, but I'm still keeping my options open. wish me luck!

5. I am also starting to plot my weeks in India. from the looks of it, it will involve visits to Honey Valley and / or Hampi; Coimbatore; Orissa to visit Dorothy; Leh / Ladakh; Bombay [if I can convince my brother]; Surat; Agra; Delhi. in 6 weeks. phew.

busy days and weeks ahead!

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