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29 April 2012

what's ahead.

Now that the high of Catherine and Drew's wedding extravaganza has worn off, reality is beginning to set in. Only ten days remain between me and the end of my first year of graduate school. All that is left in between is:

  • Logistics Portfolio for IPSP - due 01 May. almost completed.
  • Program Evaluation Final Project - due 02 May. in progress.
  • Country Analysis for IPSP - due 05 May. yet to be started.
  • Practicum Integrative Learning Paper - due 08 May. vague outline was written last week.
  • Program Evaluation final exam - due 09 May. yet to be handed out.
  • Social Change group presentation - 10 May. we're in the planning stages.
  • Change Analysis Brief for Social Change - due 10 May. draft submitted week before last. halfway there.
So as you can see, it's doable. Once I catch up on some sleep, that is.
Almost there.

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