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25 April 2012

slowly checking them off.

My bucket list is slowly but surely getting checked off. Below is the list with some updates.

  • Climb Pinnacle Mountain [will be done either this weekend or next]
  • Picture of the Day / more pictures in general [only works if I find my small camera. oops]
  • Cardinals Exhibit at the Library [I'm not so bothered about this, but if there's time, I'd like to see it]
  • Arkansas baseball game in Fayetteville [ran out of weekends, unfortunately]
  • Distillery tour [done!]
  • Thunder Thieves gig in Morrilton [I think I might still have one chance...]
  • Museum of Discovery [next week as a study break]
  • Central High School Museum [going tomorrow!]
  • Picnic by the river [think I might combine it with the trip to the Museum of Discovery]
  • Butler Center [one day soon]
  • Travelers game [they're back in town next week]
  • Braves game in St Louis [mother-daughter trip for Mother's Day weekend!]
  • Redbirds game [the 11th, perhaps, when Nathan Jesson joins me and Dylan on a road trip to Memphis]
  • Graceland
  • Civil Rights Museum in Memphis
So one thing is accomplished: the distillery tour. Here in Little Rock we have our very own distillery, rock town, and Dylan Perry and I strolled on over last Saturday for a little tour. They took us through and showed us the barrels where they age the whiskey and then gave us a crash course in how they make different alcohols from a bit of corn, wheat, and barley.

Our tour wrapped up with a little taste testing, which was definitely the highlight of the whole thing. We tasted vodka, gin, moonshine, boubon, and their new hickory-smoked bourbon, all of which were awesome. I walked out with a t-shirt and a bottle of the hickory-smoked bourbon, and Dylan picked up a bottle of the gin.

Other than one lady who kind of dominated the tour, it was pretty cool. I'm glad we went and I was finally able to start checking things off my list. Can't wait to see how things shape up over the next few weeks.

Here's to distractions and study breaks.

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