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24 April 2012

let's go!

I am linking up once again with laura for take me there tuesday [and this time, I think I've actually figured out how it works! thanks, la, for the helpful hint]. This week we're taking a trip to Istanbul!

In August of 2010, I had the opportunity to spend two awesome weeks as a delegate at the 5th World Youth Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. Although the weeks were jam-packed with workshops and events, we still managed to see quite a bit of the city on our own. Dorothy, Preetam, and I all traveled to Istanbul a day early, and then Bear came at the end, and she and I stayed on for a few additional days, wandering around and seeing the sights.

Istanbul is a beautiful city, and I maintain the hope that I will one day return. My classmate Kellen is marrying a wonderful Turkish girl this summer, and Shonali and I are trying our best to be there for their celebration. Regardless of whether it's this July or some other time down the road, I will definitely be back.

Until then, I'll always have the memories...

[Do and I arrive in Istanbul with no place to stay and steal free wi-fi from a park to locate hostels. everything works out in the end]

[Koudi and Georgie with our lunch platter of meat. it was delicious]

[me and my Gugi, finally reunited]

[4am street kebabs. nothing like it]

[colourful youth march through taksim square]

[love my sweet little brother Ringo]

[ferry to the Prince's Islands]

[Istanbul by night]

[me and my Bear]

[awesome shop in Sultanahmet]
That is just a sample of the hundreds of pictures I took over the course of two weeks.
Can't wait to return.

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