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27 April 2012

wedding weekend has officially arrived.

The event we've been waiting for all year, Catherine and Drew's wedding, has finally arrived! It's so nice to have everyone in Little Rock for the celebration, and I am thankful the timing worked out for me to be around for all of the festivities.

Last night we had a wonderful dinner at the Hughes' house in the Heights where we got to catch up with everyone and relax a bit. This afternoon was a lovely luncheon at Brave New Restaurant with a view of the Arkansas River. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner at the Capital Hotel downtown. Tomorrow there is the small item of an actual wedding and reception. And then everything is capped off with a brunch at Capriccio's on Sunday morning.

All the Rhodents are slowly trickling into town, and I am super excited to see and catch up with everyone. I missed so many weddings the past few years, including 5 just last spring, that it's been really nice to be here not only for the wedding itself but for all the showers and parties leading up to it. Drew and I definitely did a great job of working that out incredibly well.

So this weekend I will most likely not be posting any updates, as in between the festivities I also have to do "work". I use the term lightly, because I don't anticipate getting too much accomplished.

Happy weekend, all. See you on the flip-side.

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