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15 April 2012

paris in pictures.

I have been meaning to post these for weeks now and just have not seemed to have time to do so. School has been crazy, preparations for IPSP are well underway, I'm trying to get Capstone stuff sorted's been a whirlwind and is only going to continue being so for the next month.

However, I finally decided it was time to take ten minutes and actually get some pictures of my spring break trip posted. I of course managed to not take any pictures in London, because I'm awesome like that, but I got lots in Paris since I had a lot of time to just wander on my own.

So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, a visual representation of my 48 hours in Paris [warning: there will be a lot] :

[the view from Rob's flat]

[the boulangerie down the street]

[I like trees]

[jardin des enfants]

[the river]

[I still like trees]

[Notre Dame]

[street-side postcards]

[I also like pictures of water]

[sun through the trees. even better]

[le tour eiffel]

[all shimmery and shiny]

[Rob's street at night]


[musee d'orsay]

[more river. this time with boat]

[in the tullerie gardens]

[river with people walking]

[home of Napoleon's tomb]

[it's a bit dark, but if you look closely, you can see the 3 pillars of french-dom: liberte, egalite, fraternite]
And there you have it, Paris as seen by me and my camera.

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