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02 September 2013

the joy project: week thirty-two. or, as i like to call it, the aruba edition.

Sunday: early morning to catch our flight to Charlotte and then on to Aruba. yummy dinner at a tapas bar called Salt + Pepper.

Monday: slept and slept and slept. went to bed around 9pm Sunday night, woke up briefly at 9.30am Monday, back in bed by 10am, and eventually emerged at 2pm. and it was some of the best sleep I've had in ages. dinner at one of the 2 Indian restaurants on Aruba.

Tuesday: in the process of turning my old Nokia over to the brother, I got to read through some old messages that are still saved on there. oh, the Bangalore memories from 2008-2011... awesome shrimp for dinner at Fishes & More.

Wednesday: yummy poffertjes [Dutch mini-pancakes] covered in powdered sugar, chocolate, and cinnamon for breakfast. found a "beach" to wade in for a bit while father and brother finished their breakfast. visited a casino for the first time since turning 21 and won $1.60 on the slots. I'm rich. saw Elysium in the cinema. rounded out the day with Haagen Dazs for dinner.

Thursday: went swimming in my private little swimming hole. so very nice to be in the sea again.

Friday: checked into the Westin for the weekend. spicy jerk chicken wrap for lunch. went for a walk along the beach. won $7 at the slot machines. attempted roulette [that $5 minimum is a bit steep for me...]. shrimp caesar salad for dinner and Baskin-Robbins for dessert.

Saturday: went for a run and then a nice leisurely swim in the sea. stuffed our faces at the Tandoor lunch buffet. opening Saturday of college football!

we had ourselves a nice little week, and I will do a proper travel guide [Veena-style] on Aruba either this week or next.
woo pig.

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