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24 August 2013

the joy project: week thirty-one.

Sunday: slept in. mum made andwah [it's a Gujurati snack, and that's not how you spell it, but I figure it's close enough]. spent the entire day in my pajamas.

Monday: figured out how to unlock my hard drive! it was pretty exciting.

Tuesday: got to chat with my third-born for a solid half hour. found a place in Memphis that does threading for $5! [still majorly inflated compared to India, but way better than the $20 place I went to in LR]

Wednesday: finally uploaded pictures onto Facebook dating back to June of last year. I consider it my accomplishment of the year.

Thursday: dropped off a box of books to the main branch of the public library. yummy lunch at PF Chang's. those lettuce wraps are to die for.

Friday: mum made her famous steak and baked potatoes, and I ate way too much.

Saturday: survived my first 6.2 mile run since March 2012. family lunch at Bharat [last one before the brother leaves for school]. packed for Aruba!

and tomorrow it's off to Aruba for a week!

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