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19 August 2013

1/2 marathon monday: thank heaven for cooler weather.


Monday: 2mi run. after the failures of the previous week's runs, this one was actually pretty alright. I took it easy, got back into my stride, and was happy with how it went.

Tuesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical. it was a "choose-your-own-workout" day, so I decided to go with the elliptical. I chose the rolling setting, put on my music, and went at it. I hadn't done the elliptical in a while, and it was fine.

Wednesday: 1.6mi run. easy 1 mile run followed by a sprint for the last .6 mile. technically it was supposed to be 5x200m sprints, but I wasn't running on a track, so I had to improvise. thanks to the awesome weather and my improved diet, it was a really good run.

Thursday: 15-minute Get Focused Leaner Legs workout followed by 15-minute Hope Solo's Unbeatable workout. lots of drop squats and wood chop jumps and some quick runs in place, but I made it through.

Friday: 15-minute Gabby Douglas Perfect Alignment workout. a great 15-minute stretching session and leg lifts to follow Thursday's crazy workout. my legs were feeling really stiff, and this was a great way to loosen up all my muscles.

Saturday: 5mi run. I slowed my pace waaaaayyyyyy down, took some Gu with me for my journey, and survived all 5 miles in one go! and in the process, I conquered the hill on Bazemore that normally kicks my ass, so I was pretty proud of myself.

Sunday: rest day. and I needed it. my muscles were super sore.

the diet is the key. the weather helps, too.

It was crazy how much better I felt after only 2 days of being back on a healthy diet. I felt so much lighter during my runs, and those hills that normally cause me trouble were no problem at all. My brother and I started making fish and veggies for lunch, and by Wednesday's run, I could feel the difference in my energy levels and my endurance. And by Saturday, I knew I could tackle those 5 miles and any hills, and I did.

This week is going to be a test, since it's the brother's last before he heads back to school, but we're trying our best to control ourselves a bit. I'm going to need all the energy I can get for Saturday's 6.2 miler.

And the weather! The past 6 days have been absolutely beautiful here in Memphis. Cool mornings, highs in the upper 70s / low 80s, and wonderfully cooling breezes all day long. You'd never have known it was August. It was also a major factor in my runs going smoothly last week.

6 weeks down, only 9 to go!

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