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24 August 2013

1/2 marathon "monday": hydration is sexy.

[I'm heading out of town early tomorrow morning and will be back only on the 1st, so I'm posting this week's update a little bit early. week 8 will be posted as normal on the 2nd]


Monday: 3mi run. I picked up my pace from Saturday and enjoyed a pretty peaceful run. 3 miles is certainly much easier now than it was 6 weeks ago, which is nice, although I didn't have any major incline challenges.

Tuesday: 45-minute Get Toned Beginner Dream Team. it was nice to get back to a 45-minute workout, even taking the broad jumps into account. I think I've finally mastered plank rows, which is no small feat. the only thing - other than those broad jumps - that really tested me was the Crazy Ivans, but those are meant to be challenging. otherwise it was all pretty smooth.

Wednesday: 3mi tempo run. mile 1 was a warm-up, mile 2 was at a faster pace, and mile 3 was a cool down. I felt pretty good throughout the run, and on the return I tackled the hill on Forest Hill-Irene that I normally hate. it was tough, but I made it.

Thursday: 45-minute Get Lean Beginner Cardio Surge workout. lots of squat jumps and squat holds and mountain climbers and all those fun things. it was tough, and I couldn't feel my quads a few times, but I somehow crawled my way through it.

Friday: 15-minute Gabby Douglas Perfect Alignment workout. a nice short core workout after Thursday was exactly what I needed. this workout comes up a few times over the next few weeks, so I'm pretty sure I'll be an expert by the time it's all said and done.

Saturday: 6.2mi run. my first 10k since my race in March 2012. it was hot, it was slow, and it was definitely not pretty, but I ran the whole thing without stopping, and that's what counts.

staying hydrated:

My number one motto in life is hydration is sexy. I pass it along to anyone and everyone that I can in almost every situation in life. And it's no more apparent how important it is than when I'm running in the Memphis heat. Even at 6.30 in the morning, it's often humid, and I can feel the fluids running out of my pores. I've taken Gu with me on a few of my long runs, and it's worked ok, but it's a bit thick for my liking. My brother bought me a small Camelbak that I'll put to use once I come back from Aruba next weekend; it'll be nice to have water with me during my run, but I'm unsure how I'll cope with running with a backpack. I'm hoping that since it's so small, I will hardly notice it. It'll definitely beat running with a water bottle, which I know will annoy me to no end. And besides, my hands get so sweaty, I'm pretty sure I'll drop it at some point.

I reached out to my friends on Facebook to get their opinions on various forms of hydration, and I got a lot of really great responses and suggestions for other products to try out. And Cheryl gave me a heads up on what they'll have along the course by way of hydration and snacks, so that I can go ahead and try those out to see if they work for me. Oh the joys of having friends who work for the race :)

As my Saturday runs continue to get longer and longer, we'll see which gels / chews / hydration secrets work best for me.

Next week's update should be interesting, as I'll be completing Week 8's workouts in Aruba.
Until then.

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