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10 August 2013

the joy project: weeks twenty-eight and twenty-nine.

[double update! I know you're excited]

Sunday 28: got to see the Bee as she was passing through town on her way back to the Rock.

Monday 29: spent the day relaxing and recuperating from the weekend.

Tuesday 30: dinner at the Palace with Katie Walsh that included free shish kababs. and then I was sent home with complimentary mutter paneer, chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, rice, and papad for my family. India Palace and I love each other something fierce.

Wednesday 31: started tackling the cleaning and organizing of my room. lunch at Kwik Chek with Dubz before he moves to DC next week.

Thursday 1: went to Barnes & Noble and walked out without buying a book! [that's a rare occurrence for me] started reading Emperor's Children [Claire Messud].

Friday 2: got my library card so I can borrow ebooks for free. in the evening, our next-door-neighbour brought us some flowers and fresh basil from her garden!

Saturday 3: party at the Rangaswami house. brother's friend Ian and Sunjana and Karisma - the nieces from Houston - came to hang. so much food. mum made tandoori and kheema and parwar, and I made parathas and stuffed okra. late-evening run to Baskin-Robbins. always a good way to wrap up a Saturday.

Sunday 4: learned to make butter chicken. took the girls to see The Heat.

Monday 5: mixed the masala for meatballs and rolled them. went bowling and then to see Grown-Ups 2. came home to meatballs in the process of being made. made brownies with the girls. [I told you, lots of food]

Tuesday 6: made spaghetti sauce all by myself, and it turned out fantastically well, if I do say so myself. saw Fruitvale Station [all 3 movies will be discussed in a separate post coming ... soon?].

Wednesday 7: spent the entire afternoon on the couch. I wasn't feeling super well, and it was so nice to have the house to myself and to just relax.

Thursday 8: Graceland. Beale Street. Blues City Cafe. ribs. [I feel like that says it all]

Friday 9: got my teeth cleaned [I'm one of those weird people who enjoys it]. Mexican food for lunch. finished Season 2 of Chuck.

Saturday 10: drinking and Chuck session with the brother. while the parents are away, the children will play.

it's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I for one am ready to get back into my routine.

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