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17 August 2013

the joy project: week thirty.

Sunday: slept in. picked up the parents from the airport.

Monday: finally cleaned and organised my closet. it's been 3 months in the making.

Tuesday: made more progress cleaning my room.

Wednesday: enjoyed my weekly late-Wednesday-morning-nap.

Thursday: awesome lunch at Genghis Grill. saw The Way Way Back at the renovated Malco Ridgeway [it's fancy these days!].

Friday: turned in my computer and all my various accessories to school so they will release my transcript. Slim Chicken's lunch with Nathan Jesson and Britney. got to see where Bee works and take a tour of the Arkansas Foodbank!

Saturday: survived my first 5 mile run! got to play in the dirt with my mum and help her plant her new jasmine plants.

it's been a pretty low-key week. mostly just been hanging with the brother before he heads back to school. and we've been watching a lot of Chuck, so that's been happening, too.

some fun stuff on the horizon for next week, though, and then it's off to Aruba for a week!

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