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29 September 2013

the joy project: week thirty-six.

Sunday: lovely brunch in Nashville with Dr and Mrs Hughes, Lindsay, and Catherine and Drew before I hit the road back to Memphis. Masi and Shailesh Bhai have come to visit.

Monday: one of our jasmine plants [Jep Jasmine, to be precise] had another flower overnight. took Masi and Shailesh Bhai to Curry Bowl for lunch. found a $3 copy of The Age of Innocence [Edith Wharton] at Goodwill. had some promising communication about a potential j-o-b. began writing my first ever cover letter.

Tuesday: lunch at Flavors. prepped for Thursday's grad fairs at CBU and Rhodes.

Wednesday: changed up my routine and did my run at Shelby Farms. submitted my application and cover letter for a position I'm really interested in. cross your fingers I get an interview!

Thursday: repped the Clinton School at the CBU and Rhodes grad school expos [and discovered how well Admissions folks eat while they're traveling]. dinner at the Palace with Katie Walsh. getting some ideas underway for Booktober.

Friday: good chat with a potential future boss [that sounds weird to say]. found out I have a Skype interview next week!

Saturday: survived a 12 mile run. fell in love with the Greenline.

bit of a crazy week with family in town and various things going on, but it was nice to be busy. hope it's sign of good things to come.
woo pig.

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