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10 September 2013

the joy project: week thirty-three.

Back to the "real" world.

Sunday: after a delay in Charlotte, finally made it back to Memphis just after midnight on Monday.

Monday: slept in after Sunday's long journey.

Tuesday: slowly settling into being the only child at home again. ran some errands. enjoyed having the house to myself in the evening while the parents went to a movie.

Wednesday: spent the day cleaning my room, finishing up Chuck [not entirely happy with how it ended, if I'm being honest], and watching the tennis.

Thursday: got a new pair of running shoes. lunch at Genghis Grill. off to Little Rock for the weekend! arrived in time for Britney's work event for National Hunger Month.

Friday: met with Stephanie about some job stuff. Slim Chickens for lunch. hung out with the Brothers Eastham.

Saturday: baby shower for Lindso and the Muffin. tailgate. took Bee to her first Arkansas football game [thank you for the tickets, Mr and Mrs Aburrow!]. Slim Chickens for dinner complete with peach fried pie and a free drink. Razorbacks victory. AHA reunion party. it was a good Saturday.

love any week that involves tennis, football, Slim Chickens, and family reunions.
woo pig.

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