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02 September 2013

1/2 marathon monday: the lost week.


hahahahahahahahahaha. that's funny.

so. when we got to Aruba on Sunday, I had every intention of getting up and running on Monday morning. I figured I'd explore my brother's neighbourhood a bit and get in some exercise.

and then I slept. and I slept. and I slept some more. I guess between the 7 weeks of training and the early morning flights on Sunday, I was done. so I took Monday off. and then I took Tuesday off. and then I decided that I was on holiday, and it was ok to take some time off and give my body a rest. I got in a swim on Thursday, and I "ran" and swam on Saturday morning, so I'm calling that a win.

so no, I did not complete my 8-mile run on Saturday. and I didn't do any of the workouts. and you know what? it's going to be ok. I'll get back on my training plan this week, I'll get back on my eating plan [kind of. I'm going to Little Rock on Thursday], and I'll be fine.

never underestimate the power of the Aruban sun:

from our hotel, there were "running paths" that went in either direction. if you turned left, the trail went for about 1.5 miles, making for a 3mi round trip. if you turned right, it was about 2.5 miles, for a 5mi round trip. I wasn't sure how much I wanted to run on Saturday, so I decided to go for the longer path and then turn back when I felt I needed to.

the "path" I mention was a combination of footpaths, gravel, loose sand trails, and some patches where you just had to run on the side of the road. all of that, however, was way more manageable than dealing with the heat. admittedly, I went for my run a bit later than I would have liked - around 8.15am or so - so the sun had been up for a few hours. what I did not anticipate, though, was the lack of shade on the path. I was running alongside the sea, so there was a breeze, but I was also running in direct sunlight. on top of that, I think I was so excited to be running [never thought that would happen], I went a little too fast out of the gait and wore myself out. between the too-fast pace, the sun, and the lack of other strenuous exercise for a week, it was tough. I did a combo running and walking for about 4 miles, but by the end I could only run for about 1.5 songs before needing to walk again. at about the 3 mile marker, I passed a refreshment stand on one of the beaches, and they had a water fountain, which definitely saved me. I learned my lesson about tempting the sun in Aruba, and the next time I go to visit the brother, I'm either running at 6.30am or 6.30pm. that in-between time is for swimming or reading or napping.

looking ahead:

this week is going to be a little tough as well, with my trip to LR, but I think all the days I'm gone are running days, so I'll just have to run in the neighbourhood there. it'll be nice to have a change of scenery; I'm getting super bored of my parents' neighbourhood.

I'm going to need a new pair of running shoes before my race, so I'm looking to get them in the next week or so to break them in properly. I discovered on the nike website that I can custom-design my own shoes, and they'll deliver them to me in 3-4 weeks. I'm going to check a few places tomorrow and Wednesday, and then decide on whether to pick up a pair in-store or order the sweet magenta / teal / green ones I designed today.

after a bit of pushing from my father, I finally booked my tickets to San Francisco. thank you, Delta SkyMiles, for sponsoring my ticket :)

I need to also order some Clif Shot Bloks to see how I like them, as they will be at the aid stations on race day. lots to do this week.

and that's that. hopefully next week's update will contain a lot more actual training.
woo pig.

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