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10 September 2013

1/2 marathon monday: getting back into the groove.

this week was back to the grind, and it felt really good.


Monday: 3.5mi run. I slept in because of our long journey Sunday night, but when I woke up I knew I still wanted to get my run in, so I set out around 9am. usually my runs start around 6, and I could definitely feel the difference in the heat. I had to pause my run a few times and walk a bit, but I finished it. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back into my rhythm.

Tuesday: 45-minute NTC Get Toned Intermediate Stinger workout. that's right, we've entered the Intermediate workouts. this one had some new exercises that I hadn't done before, so those took some getting used to, but overall it was a good workout. I still don't really like those "push away balance" things, but luckily they don't show up too often. I also broke out my new medicine ball [6 lbs! watch out, world] and am glad I decided to go ahead and get the heavier one. who knows, maybe one day I'll be ready for one of those 8lb-ers...

Wednesday: 5mi run. got back to my early morning runs, and it paid off. my pace was definitely a lot slower than I would have liked, but the bottom line is that I finished the run, so I'll take my small victories. and the awesome early morning weather definitely helped. it was downright chilly when I left my house at 5.50am, and I was so very thankful.

Thursday: originally supposed to be a 30-minute stretching session, but because I attended Britney's work event, I counted our 2-mile walk to and from the Big Dam Bridge as my workout.

Friday & Saturday: didn't get my runs in. the Eastham house is out on Highway 10, and there are no good sidewalks or running paths out there. I saw a few people just running on the road, but I wasn't quite ready for that. so once again, I missed my long run. this Saturday's 9-miler is going to be a big wake-up call.

in other news...

I got a new pair of running shoes! bit the bullet, went to the mall, and got some new kicks. took them for a run yesterday, and they felt pretty good.

like I said, I've missed my last two long runs. I'm in town this weekend, I have no distractions, and I'm determined to fight through the 9 miles that are looming in the distance. I'm thinking I might hit up Shelby Farms for my run, but we'll also see what kind of mood I'm in come Saturday morning.

woo pig.

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