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16 September 2013

1/2 marathon monday: holy 9 miles, batman.


Monday: 4mi run. I ran a faster pace, and although I had to pause my run once around the 2.7 mark, I still felt pretty good about it.

Tuesday: 15-minute NTC Get Focused Sculpted Arms and 15-minute Shaped Back workout. my arms definitely got a good workout with these two. I've had a crick in my neck since Little Rock, and these strained it a bit, but otherwise they were alright.

Wednesday: 1.75mi up-tempo run. slept an extra 15 minutes in the morning since it was a short run, and I felt so good. ran my first mile with a slower pace and then ran the last .75 fast. it felt good to get in a longer sprint, and I was in a really good mood at the end of it.

Thursday & Friday: were supposed to be a 45-minute NTC workout and a 15-minute NTC workout respectively, but because of the stiffness in my neck, I called it a day and skipped the workouts so as to not strain it further. the crick is slowly getting better, and I didn't want to risk making it worse all over again.

Saturday: 9mi run. and what a great run it was. the weather was awesome and cool, and I took it as a sign to get out and tackle the longest run in the history of my life. I was nervous leading up to it since I had missed my two previous long runs, but the cool weather really put me in a good frame of mind for the run. I kept up a pace that I was happy with, my Gu Chomps kept up my energy, and I felt really good with myself for getting through it. Did I have more miles in me? Sure. Did I have 4 more miles in me? Probably not. But I've still got 5 weeks to get there, and after Saturday's run, I'm feeling pretty good about my chances for San Francisco.

you know those "hills" I keep talking about?

I am well aware that the inclines in my parents' neighbourhood are nothing compared to the hills I will encounter in San Francisco, but they're better than nothing. I've been exploring a little more around the neighbourhood and discovering a few new inclines, and I realized on my latest long run that I have a tendency to drag my feet when I'm going uphill, which is something I need to work on in the future. note to self: those high knee runs are actually useful.

this weekend calls for 11 miles. wish me luck.
woo pig.

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