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27 June 2013

30 thursdays: 30 awesome things that happened during the 30th year of Veena.

Twenty-nine has been a pretty spectacular year, and here you will find a list [as well as some links] of the awesome things I got to do to celebrate my 30th year in this world.

30 awesome things that happened during the 30th year of Veena:
  1. bungee jumping in Nepal.
  2. living in Bombay.
  3. working with Room to Read.
  4. NH7 Weekender.
  5. Mahindra Blues Festival.
  6. the Grizzlies made it to the Western Conference Finals!
  7. attending Chipper Jones' jersey retirement ceremony [which will be happening TOMORROW!].
  8. touring northeast India with my CanOfBliss boys.
  9. Bugsy and Vikki's beautiful sunset wedding on the beach in Goa.
  10. completing my MPS degree.*
  11. visits from Sastri, Nithya, Sneha, my mother, Alex-boy, Haygood, and Tyler in Bombay.
  12. Sulafest 2013.
  13. participating in Reality's tour of Dharavi.
  14. exploring Nepal.
  15. ringing in the New Year in Bangalore. it's nice to revive traditions.
  16. final farewell pub crawl, 2013 edition.
  17. my night as an extra at an ad shoot.
  18. graduation week festivities.
  19. Burt and Katie's wedding.
  20. Riverfest 2013.
  21. road trip to Topeka for Jillian and Jimmy's wedding.
  22. hanging out with Devin [and Lisa and Jonathan] in St Louis.
  23. living with Maggie and Mitchell for a week and with Rob for 2 weeks in Delhi.
  24. India won the ICC Champions Trophy.
  25. attending the RCB-Mumbai IPL match in Bangalore.
  26. madcap Morjim weekend with the entire crazy Devaraj crew.
  27. my father turned 70.
  28. visiting family in Surat and Coimbatore.
  29. babies being born and babies on the way.
  30. a month in India, 2 months in Nepal, 6.5 months back in India, and 2.5 months in the States.
I'd say all of that adds up to a pretty awesome year. I can't wait to see what the next one holds [hopefully a job!].

*technically I still have to defend my Capstone in order to receive my degree, but for all intents and purposes, I'm finished.

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