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08 June 2013

the joy project: week twenty.

Can I take a minute and give myself a little pat on the back for actually keeping up with this for 20 weeks? Because let's be honest, no one - including myself - actually thought that would happen.

And now for this week's joys...

Sunday: helped my mummy make lunch. ate said lunch on steel plates [there's just something about the steel plates that makes food - especially Indian food - taste just that much better]. lazy afternoon on the couch. Yogurt Mountain for dinner.

Monday: 4.24km run [I'm slowly getting back there]. nice long nap on the couch. made yummy lasagna for dinner.

Tuesday: got some work done. dinner at Kwik Chek with Walshee.

Wednesday: renewed my Driver's License. finished editing my paper and Press Release [hopefully]. dinner with Molly, Eli, Miss Penelope, and little Mister Walt.

Thursday: lunch at Central BBQ with Jane. bought myself some swag from the Rhodes bookstore.

Friday: dinner at Outback to celebrate the parents' 36th wedding anniversary.

Saturday: father-daughter lunch at Bharat. finally finished Friday Night Lights [what do I do with my life now?].

lots of eating out happened this week. hopefully a lot of running will happen in the upcoming one.

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