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18 June 2013

10k tuesday: ouch.

Today's update is not quite as optimistic as last week's. I ran this morning for the first time since last Tuesday, and it was pretty rough. I somehow got it in my head that I should do one of my longer walk / runs, and I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking.

I did my normal run-for-three-songs-walk-for-one routine, but with the inclines in the neighbourhood, the third running series nearly did me in. It didn't help that I was using my Hindi running songs playlist, so the running intervals were longer than they would have been with English songs.

Before I set out this morning, I actually thought to myself if I should really do a long run today and a short one on Thursday, or if I should do it the other way around. In the end, I decided to do the long one today; it was cloudy and cool, and I thought I'd take advantage of the nice weather. Plus I wanted to run off some of those junk calories ["empty calories", as Nathan Jesson likes to call them] from the past weekend.

I made it through the run, but almost as soon as I got back home, I collapsed onto my bed and didn't get back up for about 3 hours. I definitely learned my lesson: from now on, I'll listen to my first instinct and just do the shorter run.

Run[s]: 1 [Tuesday]
Distance[s]: 6.21km
Goal for next week: 7km

Now to see if I can finally find a running routine.

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