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23 June 2013

the joy project: week twenty-two.

Sunday: Topeka-LR-Memphis. a long day of driving, but we had a fun lunch in Lamar, MO [birthplace of President Harry Truman!], and we had Slim Chicken's for dinner, so it was well worth it.

Monday: my Capstone FPR was approved by my advisor for me to defend! I'm almost finished with that MPS degree.

Tuesday: 6.21km walk/run in the early morning mist. cleaned my room!

Wednesday: dropped off some stuff at Goodwill. finally sent in my passport renewal form. picked up some goodies for Devin. Jimmy John's for lunch.

Thursday: quick 2.1km run [working on my speed as well as my endurance]. Waffle House breakfast with the father. off to St Louis to spend the weekend with Lisa, Jonathan, and little Devin!

Friday - Sunday: fun days in St Louis that will be blogged about separately.

one week until d-day!

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