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10 August 2012

delhi days.

I realize my chronology is a bit off, but I wanted to post about my week in Delhi with the mighty M&M [Maggie and Mitchell, for those keeping score at home] before I get so wrapped up in my project that I forget which way is up...

I had the pleasure of spending a week in Delhi with Maggie and Mitchell before heading up to Kathmandu, and it was such a great time. It was so fun to see them so settled in the city, and it was honestly a bit strange to have them be my tour guides. I am so used to guiding the foreigners around south India, that it was a strange kind of role-reversal.

Mitchell was kind enough to take on the role of tour guide during the week while Maggie was at work. He and I spent a few days wandering the city on the HoHo bus and discovering new Metro routes to get around the city. We managed to see the Lotus Temple, Safdarjung's Tomb, the Red Fort, and the India Gate on our adventures, and only once did we almost get duped by a rickshaw driver into going into a shop owned by one of his friends.

[lotus temple]

[safdarjung's tomb]

[mitchell being rowdy and trying to open doors he's clearly not supposed to be opening]

[and now being emo]

[inside the red fort]

[red fort]

[love the trees]

[it's surprisingly not very red inside the red fort]

[steps to the dungeon? I dare you to find out]

[the front door of mitchell's future home]

[party island. it's where all the magic happens]

[india gate]
We also ate lots of yummy food, hung out with Matt as he transitioned out of India and back to the western world, harassed Pranay once he returned from Istanbul, consumed a fair bit of Old Monk, and stayed up late watching New Girl, Masterchef Australia, and the Olympics. One night, I made Maggi [for Maggie!] noodles for dinner, and another night Maggie [of the Italian heritage] was kind enough to make bruschetta and pasta for us.

It was so fun to have a few days with my classmates before jumping in to my project. They were great sounding boards for my nerves, and it was great being able to hear their tales of work and travels and exploring the city. I was sad to say bye to them knowing it will be next spring before we meet again, but I'm so thankful to have had that week.

And now that I know Rob will be in Delhi when I return in October, I have even higher hopes for the next go-round.

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