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30 August 2012

30 thursdays: 30 things I bet you didn't know about me.

Welcome to my first 30 thursdays installment! Today, I am going to introduce you all to me. The following is a list of all the little idiosyncrasies that make me, me. Some of you will already know some of these, but only a very select few of you may perhaps know all of them.

30 things I bet you didn't know about me:
  1. I like to put on a good show of being a badass, but deep down I am a hopeless romantic. [I hope this doesn't ruin my street cred]
  2. I really want to be able to cook like my mother, but I have neither the patience nor the discipline in the kitchen to see that desire through to fruition.
  3. This past year I discovered that I don't hate running the way I do other forms of exercise. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. <cue pigs flying over the moon>
  4. I have numerous OCD tendencies. I'll make that a whole other list one of these weeks.
  5. I love cleaning my ears.
  6. I use my phone for a million different purposes - checking email, posting pictures of the Peanut on Instagram, playing games, etc. - except for the actual purpose of making and receiving calls. I'm not much of a phone talker.
  7. After growing up with my brother's friends constantly in and out of our house, I have developed a habit of adopting brothers wherever I go.
  8. I very much enjoy making lists.
  9. I crave personal space.
  10. I like the beach, but I prefer the hills.
  11. My life's motto is "hydration is sexy".
  12. I know all the words to "Baby Got Back".
  13. I am fiercely loyal to restaurants and bars where I get good service and get very upset when others don't love them the way I do.
  14. I have always wanted a pet snake.
  15. I am most comfortable when I'm allowed to dress like a 10-year-old boy.
  16. That being said, I was very much a girly-girl until I was about 10 or 11.
  17. In third grade, I once fainted into a trash can because I got a zero on an oral book report. If you ask any of my classmates from Helena, I'm sure they would happily re-enact the event for you.
  18. I can name every World Series and March Madness champion since 1990.
  19. Even though my patience for watching laboriously long Hindi movies has waned in the past decade, I continue to watch Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge a minimum of three times a year.
  20. Nearly all of my business-casual attire for school was purchased at Old Navy or Target.
  21. I'm pretty sure I was both a Spartan warrior and a pirate in my past lives, and nothing you say will change my mind.
  22. I am super competitive, especially when it comes to board games.
  23. My favourite days are the ones where I get to sit on the couch, watching college football and / or reading a book.
  24. I am a pack rat and will hold on to anything if I can attach some memory or emotion to it.
  25. I'm super cheap. I usually have to consult my brother for moral support if I'm making a purchase over $25.
  26. I will do pretty much anything to avoid shopping. Especially for clothes. And especially at the mall or on Commercial Street.
  27. When I was in middle school, I once slept through our house burglar alarm going off. Luckily it was only my brother and Mike.
  28. In 5th grade, I convinced my classmates there were four ghosts living in my house. I never knew they believed me until, in 8th grade, they were scared to come study at my house at night.
  29. Take me to the fair or to an amusement park, and I turn into a 5-year-old. I love the rides, I love the games, I love the cheap, unhealthy food that inevitably causes a stomachache. I love it all.
  30. I have never lived completely on my own. I've always had roommates or flatmates or housemates. The idea of living on my own both excites and terrifies me, mostly because I'm afraid I'll get bored if I only have myself for company.
And that's me, in a nutshell.
Next week: 30 word - and phrases - my friends use to describe me.
woo pig.


  1. I don't believe #18. Who won the world series in 1991? And as a bonus question, who did they beat?

    1. I believe number 18, but I'm not sure I believe this "baby got back" nonsense. I actually just heard that on the radio this morning, and I definitely messed up two of the words. And I'm awesome so...

  2. Both of you are ridiculous. Nathan Jesson, you know good and well I'm not going to give you the satisfaction. And if you bring it up again, I'll disown you and leave you to deal with Britney and Dylan on your own. And Moo,which two words did you mess up? I'm sure I would have gotten them right...