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11 August 2012

random rambles.

1. After being told to expect only the "basics" during my 6-week stay in Gularia, imagine my surprise when i walked into a spacious hotel room complete with air-conditioning, wireless Internet, and a television. Maybe I need to update my definition of the word "basic".

2. I finally finished the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, two years after I read the first book. Which reminds me that I need to do a massive book update post. Hmm. One of these days, surely.

3. Thanks to the public transportation strikes in Kathmandu, I got some much-needed exercise and successfully navigated myself around the city. Unfortunately, it also made for quite an experience getting to the airport this morning. That story will also come in an update one day soon as well.

4. In a funny turn of events, the lady who has accompanied me to Bardiya to translate for me during interviews is the niece of the family that ran the guesthouse where I stayed in Kathmandu. Welcome, once again, to the ever-shrinking world.

5. My charms with waiters in restaurants continue. Many of the people in the cafes on Freak Street were greatly amused by me because I would sing along with the old Hindi songs they played. I'm sure they were all heartbroken to see me go.

And with that, I guess it's time to finally get started on this project of mine.

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