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29 February 2012

what's in store for march.

I've got a lot in mind for the month of March, which is shaping up to be a crazy month, both school-wise and other-wise. My goals / resolutions for the month are as follows:

run the entire 10k. I know I can do it, I now just have to actually do it. I don't care how long it takes me, I just want to be able to say that I ran the whole thing.

keep running at least two days a week. I know myself, and I know that not having the race hanging over me [including how much I spent on the registration] is going to cut my motivation in half. Schedules are getting crazy, but I want to keep running at least twice a week - once during the week for however long I can manage, and a longer run over the weekend. I like that I've built up my endurance, and now I want to keep it up.

start learning nepali. I want to start learning the language that I will be surrounded by for two months, so my goal is to spend 10 minutes each night learning vocabulary and phrases that will help me build a foundation.

give myself one night off per week. I realized last week that I was running myself into the ground. This week has been much better because we've had a bit of a light load, but I know it's going to pick up again soon. I decided that I need to prioritize my time in such a way that I could take one weeknight off from doing work.

get back to reading for 20 minutes every night before bed. I've let myself get out of the habit of reading and instead into the habit of falling asleep to an episode of Law and Order: SVU on Netflix. As a result, I'm staying up later and later. I'm cutting myself off from Netflix after 9.30pm and getting back into the habit of reading. I miss it.

I am also formulating my ideas of what I need to get done over Spring Break, but I'll get to that when the time is right.

Now, let's see how I do.

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