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15 February 2012

it's a small world after all.

One of the things I can never get over living in Little Rock is how small and inter-connected this town is. Since moving here at the end of July, I have consistently run into people I know. And not just people from Helena, although there have been quite a few of them, but also people from Rhodes and Memphis and even someone from Chattanooga.

And it's not just running into people I already knew prior to moving to Little Rock. It's also continually running into people I've met while here. I was at Town Pump one night and ran into a guy whose kickball game I had umped a few weeks prior. And it's meeting people who know people I know. One of my friends from college was in town from DC a few months ago and we realized that he grew up with one of my classmates at the Clinton School. My dean knows one of my dad's close friends from Helena. While in Miami a last month, one of Catherine's friends from Little Rock was telling a story about her cousin, and somewhere in the middle of it, I realized her cousin was one of the second-year students at the Clinton School. And just tonight, at a Create Little Rock event for Little Rock graduate students, I ran into two girls from Helena as well as Angela's classmate from law school who knows both of them, plus a ton of other kids from Helena.

I always knew Arkansas was a small place, but I guess I just never realized how overlapping all the circles were.

It's a small world, for sure. And shrinking every day.

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